The World's LARGEST AXIAL RC - Custom Paint Part 1

The World’s LARGEST AXIAL RC – Custom Paint Part 1

Finally, time to start the paintwork on my Axial Yeti XXL. Along with a crazy power system, a lot of custom made parts and a pretty unique setup, this car of course also needs to have a paint scheme to match. I start off by putting on the logos of all the companies whose parts I have used to create this vehicle. I want the car to look classy, and a bit understated so the paint needs to match the visible chassis parts as I start off. That means champagne anodised aluminium, silver, black and white as main colours with perhaps a dash of blue to brighten things up.

The following link will take you to the PitBull Tires website:
Here the 3.8 PitBull Rock Beast XL tires can be found:

Vanquish products can be found here:
The Clear anodised rear axle used in the build:
The (incredibly detailed) KMC Rockstar replica Vanquish rims can be found here:

What I do and try to explain in my videos is for you to have fun with, to hopefully inspire you, and to share with like minded people.
Any questions, as always, just shoot them in the comments box and I will try my best to answer them.

Have a look at the Inventables website and online shop:

Check out Easel in the following link:

The electronics I’m running are a proven set up: the Castle Creations Mamba Monster X 2200KV combo. Axial has put a similar setup, although rebranded, in the Yeti XL RTR, and after seeing several videos of it running I am thoroughly impressed. The Yeti is a large rig, with considerable weight, and a high torque system like this one will make it capable on a lot of different surfaces and in a variety of circumstances.

After having bad luck with a few of my more recent LiPos by Venom, I’m switching to a rather new brand called Dinogy Batteries. Dinogy offers a ton of different packs, for all sorts of applications, and for every budget. The Yeti XL will be tested on 4S first, so I opted for two Dinogy 2S 6500 mAh 65C packs to get the job done. These specs are impressive if you consider the cost, and I’m pretty confident they’ll be up to the task, as Dinogy has been building a reputation for themselves in demanding applications.

The steering servo I selected is fairly middle-of-the-road, I installed a HiTec HS-7954SH. It delivers some decent torque, good speed and has good hold power, basically everything required to get those huge rims to point in the right direction.

Have a look at the playlist for more information about the Axial Racing Yeti XL Kit

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