RC Overload - Project APEX - PT 2 - 1/16 E Revo Hot Racing Shock Accesories

RC Overload – Project APEX – PT 2 – 1/16 E Revo Hot Racing Shock Accesories

Lets get right into doing some suspension work, shall we?!

In this video of the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo Transformation, also known as Project APEX. I go a head and start improving on the suspension system just a little to add some much needed ground clearance using the Traxxas Summit Long Travel Rockers. With the use of these rockers, it will allow not only for the vehicle too sit higher up and get more ground clearance but, it will along for more articulation from the suspension system.

The next thing I install into the suspension system, is my old Traxxas GTR shocks, but with a little added bling from Hot Racing. With the use of Hot racings Aluminum upgrades not only do I improve the overall strength of the shock but I also add a little bit of some good looks too the chassis!

Also, I wanted to note. That the GTR shocks are all installed with 60WT oil front and rear along with Traxxas orange spring rate (1.76) springs front and rear. Too give me a good base point before needing to make any changes.

Parts List –
Traxxas 1/16 Summit – http://bit.ly/1M8Sz51
Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo – http://bit.ly/1N4l0vW
– Hot Racing Aluminum upgrades – #vxs15602 – http://www.hot-racing.com/index.cgi?partnumber=VXS15602;c=455

-Traxxas Rocker Arm set – #7156 – Bought at Local Hobby store

-Traxxas Orange Springs (1.76 rate) – #7145 – Bought at local hobby store

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  1. Devolution RC on

    I’m liking the blue and red combo. If you put a drop of water based lubricant to the o ring might help. And isn’t it easier to get the air out of the shock before you put the springs on? Great upgrades. I’m excited to see the final beast ” APEX”

    • RC Overload on

      Thanks man! And thats what im thinking for the shocks as well….but imo, it still shouldnt be as tight as they were. Even if it had oil on it, the second i get dirt on it and need yo make an adjustment…i think ill be screwed…lol. and yes it is eaiser to do it with out the springs installed. I only did it this way because of how small they are, they dont require a lot of pressure too compress.

    • Matthew Hoffman on

      +RC Overload yeah nice vid im going to get same kind with 23 tooth gear 2 three cells and gtr shocks 4×4 tsm plus 3 channele remote that is about 610 dollars what cool bodie would you recommend

    • RC Overload on

      Awesome! Yea I have been trying to figure out still if I like it 100% or not, but so far its coming out good!

  2. Yannick Couture on

    Orange spring ? Do you think it will be enough stiffer ? It put green one on mine (stock erevo) and the back of the truck stay really low.

  3. Tyler Durden on

    nice info. just got a e revo 1 16 brushed. just for starters. got a lot of questions. help if u can……. knowledge

    • RC Overload on

      +Jammin Woodard Tighten down the Adjustment Screw. its above the spring. that will help tighten up the suspension sum.

  4. Tyler Durden on

    I have know where really to bash so I’m going for speed. give me some tips for speed on my e revo 1 16 brushed

    • Genesis RC on

      If you want to increase your speed for a few bucks increase your gearing. On the motor there is a “pinion gear” that meshes up with a “spur gear on the transmission. If you buy a smaller “spur gear” or a larger “pinion gear” and mount them your gear ratio changes making the car go faster. Be careful though because the more you gear up the more heat you make in the motor, more heat will damage the motor over time.


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