RC CAR INTERIOR - Stealth DIY RC Camera Car Pt 4

RC CAR INTERIOR – Stealth DIY RC Camera Car Pt 4

After machining an ABS base plate that fits in the Axial Honcho cage, and installing the FeiyuTech Mini3D Gimbal I have now sprayed some paint on the Ford body made by Proline. The rear fenders come from a Proline Slash body. Time for an interior and some accessories!

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Here is a link to the Proline Racing website in case you want to check out some of their gear:

The Hyrax tires:

The 1.9 Denali rims:

The PowerStroke shocks:

All stock electronics are holding up fine, I did have an erratic ESC, no big deal as I swapped it out for a Castle Creations Mamba X. All motors mentioned in the video are coming out soon.

And the Axial Racing SCX102 RTR can of course be found here:

I have been having great luck with Dinogy Lipo batteries:

Have a look at the Inventables website and online shop:

And finally, this is the App I used to track my covered distance:

More info about USTE in Florida on their FaceBook page:

More information about the 1st International Crawlers Fest in Lajas, Puerto Rico here:

Gimbal: Very good. I like it.

Store and shipping: Not so good. But, perhaps you have more luck than me. Take your chances here:

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  1. Badlands_RC on

    Damn dude, thats a piece of art! I think I’ll definitely be getting a crawler soon! Good video and sweet build as always!

  2. Edgardo Vigo on

    Beautiful vehicle. Im very happy to see that people from other countries comes to Puerto Rico and have fun with one of the coolest and best hobbies. My friend im from the east of the island and can tell you are gonna have a lot of fun here in PR. Im very happy to see my people getting involve on those cool event. Thank you for use the flag of our coutry on your truck my friend 🙂 I hope go to Lajas and see this event, i dont have a crowler vehicle but at least i can see work of art like this one. Thanks for the video!

  3. Carmine Allocca on

    Looks AWESOME as expected Chris! Work to be proud of. I’m gonna try one of those Pro-Line interiors…. but I’m trying something different. I want to cut the “floor” on only 3 sides, leaving the floor piece connected to the bottom of the seats.
    Then I will push it down, like a flap, and try to get as much of the legs in as possible, slid under the dashboard. I’m TOO detail oriented, I know, but I enjoy the details aspect of both of my Hobbies!

    I love the colors you choose! Also, using the flat gloss paint really takes away that “plasticky” look. You DON’T need any help, but I would leave just the floor panels gloss…. it enhances the illusion of *depth.” As a Model Railroader also, we have to learn early on, to make things look bigger, deeper, and longer than they actually are! ?
    I do love that the driver isn’t opposed to keeping it real, and enjoying a brew on the Trail!!
    As a teenager in the late 70’s/early 80’s, we still considered drinking and driving, like almost a *Sport!!” Not that I’m proud of it now……… it was a VERY different time. Every crazy thing we did back then WASN’T recorded, and put on social media for the WHOLE World to see.

    (There wasn’t ANY social media back then. We left the House, and met people, introduced ourselves to girls in person, and I believe, had LESS hate, less prejudice, far less murders and assaults, than we have now… We could disagree on Politics and Religion, without offending large groups of people! Back then, two of my good friends were black, and three were Hispanic – and NOBODY cared! Have we REALLY made progress?)
    OK, off my Soapbox. My wife and I were just talking about that earlier.

    Have a GREAT time in Florida and Puerto Rico my friend!!! ???? Take lots of videos!

    • OldfartRC on

      Chris – I’m also Carmine! I started a second channel, just for R/C! Just found out that it’s possible to have two channels on one account, so this one will be devoted to exclusively R/C!
      I’m still amazed at how easy you make it look! I can’t wait to try this, and other things you’ve shown me, on my own Rigs.

  4. irritablearchitect on

    I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when you ‘pantsed’ and amputated your driver figure.

    I have a sick sense of humor.

  5. RCM Modélisme on

    awesome little cam car but i have a little question even if i put my paint can in hot water they do some chit how do you do ? thank

  6. csevelle on

    Amazing camera car, can’t wait to see the footage you get from it. I have been fallowing a couple of different RC YouTubers recently and it is really impressive when you see someone put this kind of time and effort into a “camera car”. It really makes me want to get out and do more with my RCs. Keep up the great work you are a true artist!!

  7. joss67uk on

    What is the watts of your glue gun ? I have a 60 watt gun, I need to glue some rear light buckets inside the body but never used it on lexan and wondering if it will be too hot on the paint and lexan ?
    Awesome looking car and even better with the camera setup.

  8. Crazy Craig's RC's and 3d on

    OMG ….I never figured you for a bully who would enjoy mutilating and destroying a small innocent guy and worse than that you videoed the act to watch later…You are a sick sick man! LMFAO …Just joking with you Chris another awesome build… talent on loan from God!

  9. cracklingice on

    I love that bell. I haven’t gotten a single notification since they added it. Although notification of live streams wouldn’t be bad. But videos, I want to watch them when I get to them. I check my feed often. Constantly getting upload notifications was annoying to the point I wanted to remove all traces of youtube from my phone.

  10. Nick Ing dazed & confused on

    Good looking truck, would look good on the trail without the gimble and camera. It looks like the rear springs could do with being a bit stiffer, looking forward to seeing it perform.

  11. Gary Chasse on

    Your videos are always so inspiring. I am always looking forward to what your up to next. Fantastic work. Thank you.

  12. Dillon Webb on

    good build! you always have good ideas. keep up the good work man. I’m definitely gana try and do something with my GoPro like this. wish I had a nice machine like you but I can make anything the old fashion way just as good.

  13. cyanidetube on

    Looks great! The rear side panels attached to the cage look really good with the cab. Spot on. The figures extra sneaker would not look out of place left on the passengers seat ;o)

  14. Fernando Seda on

    hi my friend iam from Puerto Rico. I love the look of my flag in your R/C truck. I will like to know if you can sell some of the R/C do you have

  15. Thomas Smith on

    looks AWESOME hemistorm! thanks again for all of your insight and instruction. make us noobs a little less intimidated about detailing!?

  16. Anything Off-road on

    Awesome video!! You got my subscription!! Check out my channel if you have a minute and let me know what you think what I should change..

  17. Garszy on

    Nicely done!
    Very scale authentic looking.
    Loved the tips, matte clear over the interior, stickers and all!
    I always refer people at my LHS to your site when they are talking about painting up a body. (Including the employees)


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