RC ADVENTURES - RC GEARS - 2WD and 4WD Short Course Racing - 1/10th Scale Electric Qualifying

RC ADVENTURES – RC GEARS – 2WD and 4WD Short Course Racing – 1/10th Scale Electric Qualifying

http://www.RCSparks.com – For More information about RC GEARS – please check their website at : http://www.rcgears.net/

The mission of the Radio Control Gas & Electric Auto Racers Society of Calgary (RCGears) is to provide knowledge, support and a safe environment to the radio control community and general public. RCGears fosters a learning environment and knowledge base by working with all ages groups and genders to promote the Radio Control hobby.

Whether you are looking into the hobby, interested in information watching or a season veteran RCGears has the information and classes you desire.

The most popular classes are:

1/8 nitro buggy
1/8 nitro truggy
1/8 electric buggy
4×4 short course trucks
2wd short course trucks

During the summer months, approx. May to September depending on the weather, regular club racing is held every Saturday. Registration is from 9:00 — 9:30 am followed by a breif drivers meeting, qualifying heats and mains.

There is electric only racing on Wednesday evenings with registration starting at 5:00pm.
The track is also open during the week for practice on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm until sunset.

Come and join the fun!

RC Gears
4215 80th AVE NE
Calgary, Alberta


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  1. Danboard Toys on

    Awesome! I never knew about RC Gears and this track in Calgary. Cool way of showcasing what they have, Medic; props to you! Always something new and interesting from RCSparks!

  2. Alex Ascencio on

    hey how much does one of those cars cost cuz you have alot and i want to buy one of my own and would you sell an old one of yours cuz i would buy it

  3. Ashley4117 on

    why do people ask to buy his RCs ? I guess they have not seen what happens to them in the other videos, Just buy a new one people…

  4. STACX G on

    Medic your a beast bro I need your help though. and thanks or inspiring me man. you opened my eyes. Tel Jem I said hey and take it easy lol congrats bro. to both of you.


    A great video showing short course racing in Calgary, nice to see good footage of other tracks in Canada. I hope to take some vid of our track here in kelowna this season, it just wont be SC 4×4 as thats the class i run in.

  6. RC Racing World on

    Medic answered because he’s the man and actually cares about other youtubers and will support them to become a big youtube channel. Thanks Medic! Heres my question though… could you do a side by side video of the guy driving like his hand on the radio then his car on the track? I think it would be awesome

  7. Mygrowbug on

    medic I would love to race again but, in the late 90s I was black balled from roar racing! for unsportmen ship (I punched a racer in the face for sand bagging me I was 2 and gaining ground on 1 witch was his team mate. bow long does a black ball last? for ever?

  8. Jack Baker on

    Hey medic if u haven’t already u should try out VRC-PRO it is a rc car racing simulator u can get the free version which lasts forever but I do recommend u get the USB that let’s you use a rc car remote because using the keyboard is very hard

  9. Bradley Long on

    Im so happy that you are finally getting footage of the racing portion of rc. I wonder if you will be getting into the racing scene as well. Great job of making this hobby more fun and addicting for all of us. 😉

  10. savage45553 on

    hey medic if u could please read this that would be awesome could u look at my channel and tell me some things I can do to get more views and subscribers like you if u could that would be amazing !also I love all your vids when ever you make a video it always makes my day awesome thumbs up

  11. NorthWest RC on

    lots of tracks don’t fully follow all roar rules. you would only have to worry about nationals or other large races.

  12. Rachel Timmermans on

    This race is two of four in the arcor series, the only prizes for racing are small trophies (can be seen in this video of the same race vimeo(.)com/69962195). We often hold raffles at the end to give away prizes.

  13. Danny Hampton on

    Because having a broken toy from a internet celebrity is totally awesome….duh! (Note the patent pending sarcasm.)

  14. MadAddVent on


    I missed 90% of the action because my head was grooving to the beat, medic man… I could so see me in the car on the the highway rock’n out!!

    could it be available ???


  15. Steve Parr on

    Medic… what is the wheel n tire combo on the black and yellow RockStar SC10 4X4 SC truck on the “add / display truck” picture before you start the video? (the one you first see to click on to start your video). I have been wanting that wheel n tire combo/look but don’t know what they are? They look like 6 (split) spoke black wheels with small pin type tires. Sorry for the stupid question but my son really wants those wheels and I can’t find any info.

  16. Steve Parr on

    mainly= what are the wheels on the truck at the still shot b-4 click to start the video, if you even know who’s truck that is?

  17. Miguel Martins on

    Can you please review the Kyosho FW-05 its just that I am buying one in second hand and I want to see how it handles and if its worth the money

  18. true2rcing on

    im not medic but i do race u gotta find a track first find wat times they practice. practice before you race and thats about it.

  19. traxxasslash4x412452 on

    maybe you can do 4×4 sct its fun i race 4×4 and 17.5 maybe it could like a series and it could be called learning to race 4×4 sct but maybe you should get a tlr sct-e 2.0

  20. Ashley Morris on

    hey medic big fan seen all your vid’s like 100 time’s i want to know if you can make some more vid’s on your traxxas slash 4×4 i mean theres vid’s from other ppl but they suck at making vid’s unlike you so ya just want to know if you can do like a rebuild like fully take it apart and rebuild and tell us like what you would recommend on parts battery and what not but if you don’t have the time its cool gratz on the kid on the way having some myself well tanks for your time………. keep on rc’in

  21. ChickenTheNugget on

    Hey Medic! What gearings are allowed for Short Course, or is there just 1 known gearing that u have to use? Cheers 🙂

    • Aaron Figa on

      +tommy wildman they get them from both. These are heavily upgraded tho. Upgraded wheels tires body motor suspention chasis, the whole deal. Very expensive to have a competition sct.

  22. Joshua Burton on

    Hey medic love your passion for rc I started with tyco turbo hopper in 1985 I loved it even tho it wasn’t a kit or pro but that got me to buy the traxxes hawk 2 great entry level truck at time to get into stadium truck racing and while I was at a race the shop had an rc10 ls pan car kit in the smallest box I ever seen for a tenth scale rc it was there a long time the track went to dirt so no one wanted to buy an carpet car.I was impressed it is still 1 off my favorite rc cars I built from ground up I forgot to mention the kit had 4 prices marked thru ever price drop when he went to $75 on it I bought the car since it was more than half off I put tekin speed star esc and a ruby speed gems hot modified motor and the futaba radio u no the 1 it came with the esc and a futaba esc first radio to do that if I remembering right I liked rear aluminum motor axle pod the tweak screw setting with single shock I put a sports car body like the Daytona prototype with the sweat bearings graphite axle the back wheels would spin till I almost had to stop it I put 8 cells to it the esc sai I could go to max of 14 I think I traded for the nitro kyosho USA 1 it got me hooked I loved nitro ever since I would jump 30ft hills to flat with no prob other than normal ware the cast dif gears sucked stock almost soft as pewter so I got steel replacement and its was sill running great after I rebuilt the is .21 I would like to see sometime on ofna new hyper as sc8 nitro truck .32 with savox servos I also had a nitro cd3 pro I loved it put every hop up I could on it I ran into a bad spot lost $2500 I put into my cd3 for a $75 loan from pawn shop to feed my addiction to pain meds was last rc I had around 06 now I am clean for awhile and want to get into rc again not much out about ofna hyper ss sc8 nitro short course first time in ten years I feel good and feel like having fun In almost ten years rc was only thing I loved low stress fun and got me away from my Shi y reality for short times I was happy like a kid I just want that again in my crappy life just I’m paying to help family out so I want to no as much as possible about that short course truck since I gota save awhile to get 1

  23. riverstrat on

    Dirt Tracks: What is the most commonly raced electric class and or scale (2wd more commonly raced than 4wd or visa versa )?What are a few specific models that are typically competitive, I’m sure it depends 80 or 90% on the driver but what are some good competitive models .Right now I’m using a 2wd Slash (1/10), probably 20 mph with nimh’s , I doubt it would be considered competitive, is 1/10 the most commonly raced scale ?

    • riverstrat on

      +bannablitz247 I’d love to try a skate park, but I like controlled runs and 10′ in the air doesn’t appeal to me, especially when 70% of the time you land on the front bumper….lol….thanks….

    • bannablitz247 on

      both 4wd and 2wd for suspension and what esc im not sure. i dont believe its waterproof but even i dont need water proof and i do some stupid stuff. i dont think that braking is hard on a motor but modern motors should last a long while regardless and with a brushed motor keep in mind brushes can be knocked loose so dont go jumping around like in the skatepark pain videos put up by djmedic2008

    • riverstrat on

      +bannablitz247 Thanks man, much appreciated, this is the Sidewinder 3 probably ? Waterproof… Let me ask you about braking, I love hard braking integrated with sneaking up on turns and such, is hard braking a lot of strain on the motor and the rest of the drive train with either brushed or brushless, if you happen to know….? Also , are you talking 2wd or 4 ?

    • bannablitz247 on

      +riverstrat I believe it is 1/10 short course and 1/8 buggy (no local dirt tracks). but if you want to race your slash i would recommend a lipo if the esc can handle it (and race rules), linear rate springs with the suspension set on the outer most mounting spots and mess around with the gearing, go to a local hobby shop and buy what they recommend for pinion and spur gears and if they try to convince you to go brushless dont go with the velinion its too expensive for what you get, personally i went with castle creations sidewinder s2 5700kv and it has treated me well

  24. Uteopia on

    I have owned all the major brand SC trunks and I have to say the SC10 was by far the best for racing out of the box, and the slash was made like are tank, the Blitz is just are heap of shit it’s not weak but at the same time it’s not Strong it’s are horrible racer and it doesn’t belong in the SC range.


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