RC ADVENTURES - LOSi 5ive T (5T) 4X4 25 Foot Jumps - & REDCAT XBe

RC ADVENTURES – LOSi 5ive T (5T) 4X4 25 Foot Jumps – & REDCAT XBe

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – My LOSi 5T’s HIGHEST JUMP YET! Damage Report? Only a broken front bumper.. I push my LOSi 5ive to the LiMiT with FULL Throttle Runs at a 4.5′ 1/4 Pipe Ramp! TWO GiANT RC’s hurdle through the air at Maximum speed at this years JiMJaM 2012.

(** Note: Sorry for all the Wind, but I wanted the Viewer to use their own music! Just play your favourite song over this video.. or Listen to the Engine! )

This film is full of Friends, RC’s and PLENTY OF AiR TIME! Three things that I truly enjoy! My friend Jim, and family have been putting on this RC gathering for friends – for the last 3 years. The least we could do was put on a show for this amazing family! So.. Aaron, and Aaron – (me and my bud), pulled out the fifth scale RC’s.. and put peddle to the metal for the everyone, as well as the Hosting Family! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for inviting me to attend again this year! JEM and I had a Blast!

Crawler Ted, BCRocks, T3rry, and the Whole gang were in attendance! It was super cool to see some high flying fun.. and I pushed my LOSi 5T to the limits .. and was really expecting disaster.. WHAT WE GOT? a GREAT SHOW !! AMAZING, and Astounding .. my rig had very little damage – other than a Bumper!

Here are some specs on my Losi 5T, straight from the Losi Site


Large-bore shocks with 7mm shafts & threaded adjusters
5MM chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight
Two-stage air and fuelfilter systems
Powerful Losi® 2-stroke 26cc gasoline engine
1/4 -scale heavy-duty throttle servo for superior braking
Adjustable bias dual-disk braking system
1/4-scale high torque metal gear steering servo
Extra-large 800cc fuel tank
Spektrum SR3300T Telemetry Receiver with 2.4GHZ DSM Technology
Three tunable sealed viscous differentials
Multi-piece bead lock off-road wheels
Impact Absorbing Bumpers
Innovative sealed clutch mount with cooling fins
Cv driveshafts used throughout
6V 3000mAh Receiver Battery and Charger
Product Specifications

Type:4WD Short Course Truck
Length:38 in (965.2mm)
Width:20.75 in (527mm)
Height:12.25 in (311.1mm)
Ground Clearance:2 in (50.8mm)
Wheelbase:24 in (609.6mm)
Chassis:5mm thick 7075 T6 aluminum
Suspension:4 wheel independent
Drivetrain:4WD with 3 silicone fluid differentials & centrifugal clutch
Tire Type:Off-Road all-terrain Performance high wear
Motor or Engine:26cc Gas
Radio:BND – Spektrum 3300T Telemetry Receiver
Batteries:3000MaH 6V NiMh receiver pack
Charger:Global AC charger
Wheel Size:4.75 in (120.6mm)
Shock Type:24MM diameter oil filled with compensation bladders
Body:4 piece, Short Course Truck
Ball Bearings:Throughout including steering
Fuel Tank Capacity:800CC
Minimum Age Recommendation:14 years
Experience Level:Advanced
Recommended Environment:Outdoor
Is Assembly Required:No

Here are some Specs on the Redcat XBe from the Redcat Website:

Motor Type Electric Brushless 980KV
Transmission Single Speed
Drive System 4 Wheel Drive
Length 750mm
Width 440mm
Height 320mm
Wheelbase 515mm
Ground Clearance 42mm
Chassis Type 4mm Aluminum 6061T6
Shocks Aluminum Body Oil Filled Shocks
Speed Control 150A With Fan
Battery Li-Po 11.1v 25c 3600mAh Qty 2
Radio System 2.4GHz Radio System

This video is only a snapshot of the Whole Jimboree.. In fact.. this is only Episode 1!

Much more video to come about the fun we had there.. so stay tuned.. and SUBSCRIBE!

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