RC ADVENTURES - 13 RC 4X4 Trucks - "In to the Core" Pt 1 - Inspired UrbanRCLA, & the RC 4X4 Hobby!

RC ADVENTURES – 13 RC 4X4 Trucks – “In to the Core” Pt 1 – Inspired UrbanRCLA, & the RC 4X4 Hobby!

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – 1080p HD for Canadian Beauty! Hello my friends & WOW! Recently I attended a VERY FUN and exciting trail ride, hosted by “Crawler Teds Garage”. Rude Boyz RC, TRCC, DamedCamera, and so many other Awesome hobbyests were on site to represent! JEM & I were there the whole 4 hour trail trek into the heart of our city – Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Somewhat inspired by the Youtube channel: http://www.Youtube.com/UrbanRCLA – Crawler Ted had a stellar idea to head into the Downtown core with a whole gaggle of Scale RC 4×4 Truck fanatics! So we all mounted up.. and we were ready to Rock!

Starting on the Outside of the Calgary Downtown Core, we gathered the Drivers, the Trucks & the equipment.. and started our trek along “Memorial Drive” towards the Newly Opened “Peace Bridge”. If fact, we believe to be theFirst group of hobbyests to cross this new walkway.. and definitely the first to interrupt wedding pictures.. Lol! After a quick Repair stop for all.. we head into the DT Core.. THAT OF COURSE, will be PART 2 :~)

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