New Exceed Rc 1/8th scale MadStorm Nitro Gas Truck

New Exceed Rc 1/8th scale MadStorm Nitro Gas Truck This massive monster truck comes with Level .28 engine for speed of swiftness, polished aluminum chassis to provide clean look as well as sturdiness, adjustable shocks to have perfect landing, a bigger fuel tank that can hold 150cc. The impressiveness of the MadStorm can be seen right out of the box when examine at first glance from the well-built interior to the magnificent exterior designs. From the front bumper to the back bumper all pieces have been build to last. Included in the MadStorm are aluminum muffler for superior protection and better looks, and heavy duty metal gear steering servo so you dont have to worry about it breaking. Even the rims are now hardened chrome rims and colossal tires to triumph over the world. Use the MadStorm to climb off road terrain, stony hills, rocky backyards, or wherever the road may take you. For the MadStorm will lead the way to new standards for the RC world and conquer all.


  1. devilsreject78 on

    i hate the cars where the body is lower than the height of the wheels. if they are gonna make a truck at least make it look like a truck.
    i own about 14 nitro cars and i pick and choose the good looking ones. do yourself a favor and raise the body so it at least looks good

  2. tomboehmpdot on

    @devilsreject78 youre the only one ive ever heard complain about asthetics on an rc.. nobody cares about your pinion..or we wouldve asked 🙂

  3. devilsreject78 on

    eat shit and die, its ugly plain and simple if you like ugly r/c cars you prolly like fat women too huh.
    you take what noone else wants

  4. will fri on

    i might buy one but i bet my lst2 or nitro sport with 2.5 is still going to b fun it is going to make my 12th car lol

  5. 11ktmman on

    i just got this truck, never used it before and it has a problem with the steering i think because when i try to steer the truck it makes this cracking noise please help

  6. LittleWill on

    stick that motor on a revo with long travel rockers and purple dot springs with the obvious 208 oz steering servos and u would have one bad mother fucker

  7. The Medieval Gamer on

    i know people say a lot of things about exceed but the madstorm is a beast and fun to drive, i have this, a jato and e-revo and still love to drive it, its jumps really well. it also likes to bully my friends summit. fast as well, have had no problem with it till i crashed it but now its back up and running…great tires as well…steering servo could be better but still a great car.

  8. MrDoodlydoo on

    @nitrorcx ahh quick question like for eg. a savage 4.6 original price 799.99 way over price sale price is 539.99………still kinda over priced…

  9. Naturepheonix on

    I think they should raise the ground clearance on that thing to be called a monster truck
    for now it’s only a buggy with big tires.

  10. chris simmons on

    @madbasterd1 actually mate i hate to hijack this argument but if he likes it , alls good not worth a fight and to be fair i have a madfire , and only things I’ve replaced are my servos and my engine , old one lasted 12 gallons before she crapped out , way long a life for a nitro engine , really do not have any complaints with my madfire true its no losi but when you buy these you know what your getting , cheap fun and decent so long as its the mad series , the 1/10s are squish but not the 1/8s

  11. Naturepheonix on

    @SuperNItroRCFReak Truggy’s usually have wings and the body is different, plus Exceed branded this as a “Truck” or “Monster Truck” so no point in saying “it’s a truggy”.

  12. Jason Costa on

    @deep88love Fast enough, that if you ran it into your foot at full speed, it could take off toes, and could easily break your ankle.

  13. Kadrek on

    I just got the racing version of this car and the pull start ripped out on the second pull (not abusing it at all) and the bottom part of a shock, where it connects to the dogbone or whatver broke. Just from driving it up and down my driveway doing the break in… Does anyone know where to get parts for this truck other than nitrorcx? Any other brands compatible with this truck? And i would also like to get some stronger shocks, any suggestions?

  14. Mark Hogan on

    @nitrorcx And is this a good truck? Im trying to choose between this and the madbeast, which in your opinion is better? Because the both look pretty good.

  15. nitrorcx on

    @hogey12345 Hey Hogey12345! Great question! They are both great products. Deciding the between the two is up to your own preference in what you’re looking for. The MadBeast is more of a monster truck, hgher off the ground. The MadStorm is lower, it wont’ flip, but goes faster. Feel free to check out the forum at RCDiscuss . com for hobbyists advice and thoughts regarding your inquiry! =) -cn

  16. Mark Hogan on

    @nitrorcx Thanks, im just looking for a truck that can handle hard terrain, can take a jump, and can get some speed. I have a 1/10 buggy and it was pretty good except it was too low to take my terrain and i didnt like how vulnerable the shock towers were because they got bent pretty bad. And it couldnt take a jump. How fast does the mad beast go?

  17. Mark Hogan on

    @nitrorcx I just want to be able to handle hard terrain, take a jump, and can get some speed. And i want to beat my friends Forza buggy. Can the mad beast beat that?

  18. Mark Hogan on

    @nitrorcx I just want something that can take hard terrain, take jumps, and can get some speed. I have 1/10 buggy and it couldnt take my terrain or jumps so now the shock towers are bent, my front dogbones are gone, my front suspension arm is broke, and my pull start came off. And there is a bad grinding sound in the center gear diff, but it was a good buggy. I just want a truck that can beat my friends Forza buggy. Can the mad beast beat it?


    I got this car mad storm .28 about 2 weeks ago. Now its all broken in. It hauls ass. So far only ran on pavement. I upgraded the remote to the 2.4mhz as the other one running on AM I did not like. So far so good

  20. CemetaryGatesML on

    @ChelseaLaDawnMoore from the factory almost ALL rc vehicles are geared for Mid range.. meaning its got good punch off the line and a decent top speed.

  21. CemetaryGatesML on

    @hogey12345 just get a savage or a revo, maby an LST or a T maxx

    these trucks are proven tough and will take a massive beating and still fast…these newer trucks comming like this one dont quite have the same “resume“ if you will

  22. Iosis6 on

    @PEswimmer If you are having problems with a delayed action it is most likely your radio. tx or rx but it could also be getting some interference.

  23. Brayden Taylor on

    @nitrorcx hey is exceed a good brand i heard its shitty um i like this truck how much is it? im lookin at a nitro rustler or gt2 good videos -brayden

  24. TIm Hughes on

    Hey guys i recently got this truck and i cant get it to start even though i fallowed all of the instructions properly and everything….. Any tips?Also what would be the best fuel for this car?

  25. Henry Gross on

    u r a great brand i havo one of your cars for my birthday i am looking to get a madstorme my first nitro and i will review it can u give me a discount i will be extreemy grateful i allways tell people an exceed rc is great ive recemended my friends to by on nitrorcx hopeing i will get somthing like a discounted rc plese respond by email my adress is atleist respond

  26. Tigerbarb202 on

    @nitrorcx wtf non environmental gas guzzling piece of SHIT! ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!! IF YOU CAN AFFORD THIS THE YOU SHOUD GET THE E SAVAGE FLUX! god loosers.

  27. Sing Teh on

    i wanna buy one.. what else do i need to buy to run this thing? fuel? and ? i’m completely new to nitro RC’s is this thing good in terms of durability? how long does the engine last? thank you for any help!

  28. jjmarden on

    @Tigerbarb202 Girls toys take batteries. Real men use Nitro! I`ll go you with my firestorm any day. When I`m done makin you cry you can take your batteries and put them back in your vibrator.

  29. Tigerbarb202 on

    @jjmarden HA AHA AHA AH theres a reason they call the firestorm an entry level, its cause its for pussies who HAVE a vibrator u big fuck! damn there just toys retard. Go crawl back to your world of warcraft account.

  30. Marius Egeland on

    My rc car its called exceed rc and its a green 1/8th monster truck.. Right out the box it had no working brakes and some days later it didnt even have any steering, after almost have a heart attack when it was going max speed into a car (luckily it went under it) then into a face and was spinning rocks all over the place, I managed to kill the engine with my shirt on the exhaust pipe.. I figured out that a small silver cord was ripped in half not sure why but oh well.. Now i miss driving it!!

  31. Jgx3 on

    Keep this on flat ground!! Is all I gotta say, very weak plastic. Finally learned my lesson after replacing upper and lower arms for the third time

  32. ork21ork21 on

    hey! this is going to be my first nitro rc car. I already have a electric one. the rally monster ep. I was just going to ask if i should get this or a madfire 1/8. what would be best for driving on gravel and small rocks.And the lowest maintninse.

    Sorry about the spelling

  33. Sharon Bhorkar on

    I’ve had this for morethan 2 years and not
    One problem with it I’ve smashed into a100
    Curbes and nothing happened I totaly reccomend this for any begginer especially for the price

  34. Hisham on

    i got mine… it looks a bit different but i didnt put any gas in it yet… waiting for the fuel to come in… i hope by tomorrow. and this thing is bigger than a frikin laptop

  35. Sharon Bhorkar on

    please answer fast !! on nitrorcx .com can i exchange the wheels they give in the madstorm set with 1/5 scale baja paddle tires

  36. helldemon72 on

    What are the differences between the MadStorm and the MadWarrior in terms of performance and parts?
    Im really having trouble choosing between the two and a little more in depth description would help:)

  37. nitrorcx on

    The MadStorm and the MadWarrior uses pretty much the same parts, the MadWarrior is lower to the ground where as the MadStorm is higher so it can take the jumps a bit better. Both models is offered with the same engines depending on with one you get, either the .21 engine or the .28 engine.

  38. nitrorcx on

    I don’t have the spread sheet that tells me how many and when it will come in, the only info I have at the moment is what will be in the shipment.

  39. Rob Boles on

    would this effect in any way the off road performance like its ability to survive bad landings or high speed passes on a bumpy sandy beach? I ask because you guys are out of stock for the original.

  40. Bacon676 on

    More aluminum and braces aren’t really going to effect it performance wise. You’re looking more at rigidity of the chassis and bulkheads, to prevent failure.

    Basically, it’ll be tougher so you don’t have to worry as much about bad landings and crashes.

  41. Rob Boles on

    ok thank you very much!!! I have done SO much research on these cars and seeing this is allowing me to finally press submit order.

  42. Rob Boles on

    just to take some pressure off the fact that you just sealed the deal on an almost $400 purchase (high shipping cost because of location) I was going to get it anyway and figured what you just said but hearing it (or seeing) just strengthens my own answer to my own question. again thanks

  43. Parker Weyer on

    what kind of shock oil do u use in the winter and what kind in the summer. Also what percent of fuel do u use when u r breaking in the engine after that what percent fuel would u recomend using

  44. nitrorcx on

    You will need to check if there’s any RC hobby shops in your area. If you don’t have one close to you, you can place the order for the fuel online and have it shipped to you.

  45. paintbrawl on

    Does anyone know if this comes with a fail safe installed? I asked the live chat person and they said they didn’t know!

  46. Joshua French on

    At it I thought that electric was better than nitro, but now I’m having different thoughts, what are the pros and cons of nitro vs electric

    • David Gingrass on

      Its like a real truck ..I had one and you can go through little puddles and what not but you can’t submerge the thing..


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